January 08, 2007

Barroso agrees with me

Thanks to Nosemonkey I find that José Manuel Barroso the head of the EU Commission shares rather a lot of my thoughts of the problems with the EU.
he told the Financial Times he was determined the Commission should embrace better regulation, impact assessments and the option of not legislating at all. “The important thing is to change the culture of the organisation,” he said.
I agree that it is the culture that is the problem, and I said:
This [reform] is not something that can do done with another treaty (that is if you can get another treaty, especially one that changes the EU so radically) as this requires a change to occur throughout the culture of the bureaucracy
Changing culture is hard, and Mr Barroso is already facing opposition as:
His own leadership has also been questioned, and some officials inside the Commission yearn for the days in the 1980s and 1990s under Jacques Delors leadership when the project to complete Europe's single market resulted in a steady stream of legislation.
Maybe he will be able to pull it off and maybe not. Probably not in my view, as remember we heard before about the need for deregulation as part of the Lisbon Agenda to transform the EU economy by 2010 which in the end has come to nothing.


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